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Our founder and co-owner, Mario, sharpened his electrical skills among the most challenging conditions for decades in one of the largest U.S. cities and in some of the smallest- which means there’s almost nothing we can’t do for our Prescott community. Before moving to Prescott, Mario worked for nearly 20 years as an electrician in Brooklyn and Manhattan, alongside his boss and mentor who has had over 60 years of electrical experience running his own business. He’s had the privilege of working on the Empire State Building, in subways, renowned hospital Mount Sinai, the Plaza Hotel and much more. He has also worked in Florida airports, and residential homes both large and small throughout Arizona.

Best Electrician in Camp Verde, AZ

When a storm rolls through town, power outages and stray voltage can cause issues for your electrical system. However, immediately seeking repairs and staying up on preventative maintenance can keep your system safe. When you need a reliable electrician in Camp Verde, AZ, Allied Electric has the perfect expert electrician team for the job!

Contact one of our licensed electricians to learn more about our electrical services in Camp Verde. We can help answer all your questions or schedule you for your professional electrical service from one of our local and certified electricians.

Allied Residential Electrical Services in Camp Verde Include:

Electrical Repairs

Our electrical repairs in Camp Verde, AZ work to restore your system’s performance and efficiency. After all, a damaged electrical system impedes your ability to complete your daily tasks.

Our electrical repairs address common electrical issues like:

  • Frequently tripped breakers
  • Flickering lights or faulty outlets
  • Burning smells
  • Unusual noises
  • Buzzing noises
  • Loose power outlets
  • Any sparks or arcs

Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel is the main control center for your electrical system. It receives electricity from your utility company and begins the process of distributing it through your home. Your electrical panel relies on a fuse box or circuit breaker system to contain your electricity.


Our electrical panel upgrades take your outdated fuse box system and trade it out for a modern circuit breaker system. Circuit breakers offer a safer electrical control system that distributes power more evenly and cuts power when it reaches dangerous levels to avoid overheating and electrical fires. Circuit breaker systems are now the safety standard for electrical delivery.


Our electrical panel repair services involve everything from simple circuit breaker replacements to replacing major internal parts. It’s important to seek professional repair services because electrical repairs regularly work with electrical wiring, which can cause fires or shocks.

Electrical Inspections

Electrical inspections illuminate hidden issues in your electrical system. They are most useful when you suspect system repair needs or your electrical system was affected by external injuries, like weather damage.
Electrical Troubleshooting and Diagnosis
Electrical troubleshooting and diagnosis services allow us to test your system performance and highlight any existing inefficiencies. This helps our electricians explain the source of electrical issues and offer homeowners solutions.

Lighting Installation

Lighting installation improves the functionality and style inside and outside your home. In addition, lighting installation services help to protect your family from injury and outdoor security concerns like animals or burglars.

Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting helps to illuminate dark hallways or preparatory areas of your home like the space you get ready in the morning or the counter you cut vegetables on. We offer recessed lighting, LED lighting, under-counter lighting, and vanity lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting initiatives work to make your backyard safer for entertaining, highlight certain sections, and keep stray animals out of your yard. Instead of tripping over loose walkway tiles or uneven grass, your outdoor space can become just as enjoyable as inside your home.

Whole-Home Surge Protectors

Whole-home surge protectors are integrated into your electrical panel to protect your home and family from dangerous power surges. This is far more effective than employing individual power-strip style surge protectors in separate rooms throughout your home.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Undergoing a ceiling fan installation is useful for homes without central air conditioning to still provide adequate air circulation. However, ceiling fan installation can also benefit homeowners with an HVAC system because it moves cool air around the room more successfully.

Outlets and Switches

Our outlet and switch services focus on making power delivery a safer system. In the past, outlet and switch systems didn’t consider arc faults or electrocution risks around water. We can upgrade your system so that it remains up to code.


Our outlet repair services commonly include switching out outdated outlets for GFCI models. GFCI outlets are especially useful in rooms that are commonly around water, like your kitchen or bathroom because they reduce electrocution risks.


Outlet and switch installation can provide upgrades for your home lighting or powering capabilities. For instance, our switch installation services allow us to add dimmer switch systems to the rooms in your home for more control over how much light they receive.

Arc Fault Breakers

Arc fault breakers, or AFCI outlets, ground dangerous arc faults. Arc faults are a highly hazardous occurrence that can easily start home fires. In older homes, it’s common for outlets to be outdated, and AFCI outlets offer a safe replacement.

Hot Tubs

When your hot tub becomes a lukewarm tub, it’s no longer the relaxing space you intended. Our electrical wiring can help your hot tub run off a dedicated circuit or sub-panel, so it keeps its hot water appeal. Our services help maintain your peaceful zone and entertaining space.

EV Charger Installation

EV charger installation provides the convenience of charging your electric vehicle from home. We offer both residential and commercial-grade models. Typical residential EV chargers work best for secondary vehicles, charging fully in around 24 hours. Commercial charges are also available for at-home use and can charge your system in a mere three hours.

Allied Electric is the Trusted Electrician in Camp Verde, AZ

Allied Electric is the best licensed and local electrical company in Camp Verde, AZ. When you need a professional residential electrician, we have plenty. We will send a skilled contractor to your home to assess your current system and provide top trusted solutions and electrical services. We bring over 30 years of knowledge and electrical experience to each project.
More than just your local repairman, we are the electrician in Camp Verde, AZ who can show tried and true results. Our electrical repair comes equipped with the right equipment and friendly attitudes to get the job done. If you live near Camp Verde, AZ, we are the ideal electrician near you to complete your electrical repair or replacement services.
So if you need an electrician near Camp Verde that you can trust, call Allied Electric today and experience our top-notch electrical services for yourself!