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Mario and Amber Allied ElectriciansOur founder and co-owner, Mario, sharpened his electrical skills among the most challenging conditions for decades in one of the largest U.S. cities and in some of the smallest- which means there’s almost nothing we can’t do for our Prescott community.

Before moving to Prescott, Mario worked for nearly 20 years as an electrician in Brooklyn and Manhattan, alongside his boss and mentor who has had over 60 years of electrical experience running his own business. He’s had the privilege of working on the Empire State Building, in subways, renowned hospital Mount Sinai, the Plaza Hotel and much more. He has also worked in Florida airports, and residential homes both large and small throughout Arizona.

This depth and breadth of unique experience in electrical work allowed Mario to develop his skills, values, and work ethic in fast-paced jobs held to the highest standards.

His passion and mission was to start an electrical company where he could do just that- provide high-quality work and outstanding service to homeowners in this beautiful town in Arizona.

So that you receive the best experience with us possible, we carefully select electricians and apprentices that align with our core values: a positive attitude, integrity, empathy, a hunger to learn, and the knowledge to do the job right. Our jobs are overseen with Mario’s direction and he provides weekly technical and customer service training to the Allied Electric team. This ensures our electricians and apprentices receive critical training so you benefit from amazing and accurate help with your electrical projects. Mario is a very hands-on electrician and company owner, and won’t hesitate to jump in and help out on a job if it’s needed.

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