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TV Mount Installation Service Prescott AZ

TV Mount Installation Services Prescott AZDo you have a TV you are looking to mount on the wall and are not sure how? At Allied Electric, our team of experienced electricians are able to mount your TV and provide you with quality electrical services. Call us to get your TV mounted today!

Why Mount Your TV?

When you use our TV mount installation service, it helps you get the best viewing angle to watch your favorite shows and movies. Mounting your TV allows the room to be safer for everyone in your home by hiding the cord clutter and keeping your TV safely secured to the wall.

Our TV Mount Installation Process

Our Allied Electric team works with you to make sure your TV is mounted correctly for your needs, wants, and space. Our process is:

  • Determine the right location without any outside light glare, inside light glare, or other wiring interference.
  • TV mount installation with a UL bracket that is sized to fit and support your TV’s weight and dimensions.
  • Hide the cord-clutter behind drywall or cord covers that are designed to seamlessly blend with your space.

Adding Electrical Outlets

We offer electrical outlet installation because we know that it’s important to stay connected. Whether you need to add an outlet for your newly mounted TV or for other powered items in your space. Our experienced team can help you make sure your electrical system works for you!