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Electrician in Lake Montezuma, AZ

Electricity is relied on in modern homes to power everything from lights to chargers for smartphones. When something goes wrong with the electricity, it could be a huge risk. For any electrical repairs or installations, it’s best to work with a residential electrician to make sure the job is done right. At Allied Electric, we want to make sure your electrical system is up to the job, so we’re ready to help with any electrical needs you may have.

Electrical Repairs

When something isn’t working right, fast repairs are needed to prevent further issues and to make sure the electricity in your home is ready to use. We can send an electrician in Lake Montezuma, AZ, to your house to do any repairs that might be needed.

Electrical Panel

The electricity in the home comes through the panel before it reaches the appliances and outlets. When there’s anything wrong with the panel, it’s important to have it repaired fast. Along with offering repairs for the panel, an electrician near Lake Montezuma can also do upgrades, providing more power throughout the home.

Electrical Inspections

If you’re concerned about the age of the electrical system or just want to make sure everything is in good shape, an electrician near you can help. An electrical inspection involves looking at all components of the electric system to determine if anything needs to be repaired or upgraded to meet the electricity needs of the home.

Electrical Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

When there’s an issue with the electrical system, It’s not always easy to determine what repairs are needed. A licensed contractor can go through troubleshooting steps to determine the exact cause of the problem and what electrical repair may be needed to get everything working again.

Lighting Installation

There may not be enough light inside or outside of your home to meet the needs of your family. Our company can help with this. We offer indoor lighting and outdoor lighting installations, including help with the following types of lights.

  • LED
  • Recessed
  • Chandeliers

A professional is recommended for installations to make sure the new lighting is installed properly, preventing potential risks like a fire or electrical damage.

Whole Home Surge Protectors

Surges can include large ones that have the potential to kill electronics or small ones that happen daily without notice but that increase the wear and tear on any devices. To protect the home against potential damage, a whole-home surge protector is recommended. We offer installations and maintenance for surge protectors as part of our electrical services and can make sure it is thoroughly tested before you rely on them to protect any electrical devices in your home.

Ceiling Fan Installation by an Electrician in Lake Montezuma, AZ

Ceiling fans help push the air around the room, which can help keep the area cool during the summer months. If the ceiling fans need to be replaced or you’d like to install new ones, a local repairman is available to help. We can install ceiling fans indoors or on the porch, plus replace any ceiling fans that are outdated or that have stopped working.

Outlets and Switches

There never seems to be enough outlets in the home. Whether one needs to be repaired or replaced, or new ones are needed to keep up with the electrical use in the home, we can help. We offer top repair and installation services for outlets, so you can have what you need in the home. We also help with replacing switches that have stopped working or installing new switches for any fixtures or appliances.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are vital in every home and should be located in each sleeping area as well as rooms like the kitchen. It is also important to make sure they’re tested regularly, so they’ll work if they are ever needed. If you need to have new smoke detectors installed or are worried that yours aren’t working properly, we can help.

Arc Fault Breakers

Loose electrical connections are one of the leading causes of fires in homes, and it can be difficult to detect them until it’s too late. When a connection is loose, it can cause an arc. The arc fault breakers are designed to detect the arcs and shut off the circuit to make sure it can’t cause electrical damage or a fire. We can help install these in the home, giving you more peace of mind.

Hot Tubs

Hot tub installations must be done correctly to prevent damage. It can be dangerous to work on the electrical system for the hot tub due to the close proximity of water. When a hot tub needs to be installed or repaired, our team is able to help.

EV Charger Installation

If you’ve decided to purchase an electric vehicle, now’s the time to think about installing a charger. EV chargers provide faster charging capabilities and more control over the charging. We can handle the installation to make sure it’s done right.

If you need help with any electrical services or have any concerns about the electrical system in your home, let Allied Electric help. Call us today to schedule an appointment.