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Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Should I upgrade electrical panelAll electricity coming into the home does so through the home’s main electrical panel. The electrical panel works to split the electricity to the various circuits in the home, sending it where it’s needed at the time. At some point, homeowners will likely wonder, should I upgrade my electrical panel? There are numerous situations when this may be recommended. Our team at Allied Electric can provide assistance for any homeowners wondering if an upgrade is a good idea.

Should I Upgrade my Electrical Panel? When to Consider It

When there are issues with the electrical panel, it’s outdated, or it just isn’t sufficient for the home’s energy use anymore, it may be time to have it upgraded. Issues with the electrical panel, like breakers that trip regularly, can often be repaired. If the issue keeps occurring, though, it’s time to consider an electrical panel upgrade. If the home has old wiring that needs to be updated or if the electrical panel doesn’t provide sufficient power for all of the energy use in the home, a new electrical panel is recommended.

Benefits of Upgrading an Electrical Panel

Homeowners may want to consider upgrading the panel for numerous reasons. No matter what the reason for the upgrade is, though, there will be many benefits. Some of the benefits homeowners can expect include the following.

Reduce Potential Risks

Older electrical panels may start having issues, which can lead to electrical shocks or the risk of an electrical fire. An upgrade replaces the panel with a new one, which means it’s much less likely to cause shocks or a fire in the home. Lowering the risks helps to keep the home much safer.

Increased Power to the Home

Homes in the past did not use as much electricity as they do today. There are more TVs and computers in homes, a larger number of kitchen appliances being used, and many devices that need to be charged. Older panels may not be able to handle the power usage in the home. An electrical panel replacement can help increase power availability in the home.

Prevent Repeated Repairs

Older electrical panels will start to deteriorate over time. If the home has the older fuses in their main panel, they may experience issues more frequently and may find they’re spending a lot of money on repairs. Even newer electrical panels with circuits, though, will start to break down as they age. Replacing the panel can help prevent the need for future repairs and reduce the potential risks that come with an aging panel.

Make the Home More Energy-Efficient

Older panels tend to use more energy to provide power throughout the house. An upgraded panel will use less energy and cost less to run, which can help save on energy costs for the home. Homeowners interested in saving as much money as possible can consider an upgrade to help make their electrical system more energy-efficient.

Increase Resale Value

There isn’t going to be a huge jump in the value of a home with a new electrical panel, but it can help. Upgraded electrical panels provide numerous benefits, so if you’re planning to sell the home, it can be used as an added incentive for potential buyers. They’ll appreciate the increase in power that can be provided through the panel as well as the reduced energy usage and reduced potential for any issues.

Get an Insurance Discount

Some insurance companies will offer discounts when certain work is done to improve the safety of the home. An upgraded electrical panel can decrease potential risks like shocks or an electrical fire, so the insurance company may be able to provide a small discount on insurance premiums when the upgrade is complete. It is worth calling the insurance company to ask about a discount.

Do I Need a Permit to Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Permits are designed to make sure any projects done in the home comply with local codes and are done in a way that meets or exceeds safety standards. For this reason, a permit is needed for an electrical panel installation or upgrade. Doing the upgrade without a permit can lead to fines or the panel needing to be reinstalled, so it is always recommended to have the permit for the job. An electrician can get the permit before beginning the work.

Should I Upgrade my Electrical Panel? Getting Expert Assistance

It’s not always easy to tell if upgrading the electrical panel is necessary or a good idea. Homeowners wondering about whether this is the right option for them will want to speak with an expert. An inspection of the home and a conversation about any concerns can help determine whether an upgrade is a good idea at this time.

Electrical panels provide energy to the home, making them essential for all homes. If your home’s electrical panel isn’t working right or isn’t providing enough power for your needs, it’s time to talk to the pros at Allied Electric for help. Serving Prescott and Prescott Valley, we offer expert assistance and can help determine if an electrical panel upgrade is needed for your home. Call us now at (928) 232- 4028 to schedule a consultation.